Shipping is $350.00.  I have been shipping safely for many years now and try to use
United/Continental which has an award winning safety record, although other airlines like Delta
and AA have a high standard of handling live animals these days as well. Your puppy can be
tracked during it's flight and is always kept in temperature controlled environment with food and
water inside the cage.  Generally, they sleep through their travel period and I always try to get
them on a direct flight when I can.  I have also met some customers at Tampa or Orlando
International Airport if customer chose to hand carry puppy home this way.

International shipping requires USDA health certification with all other import requirements
being met depending on the individual country and this generally takes 4-5 months from the
date of birth of your puppy.  Shipping, USDA and all vet costs are generally $1,000.00
additional to the cost of the puppy.