Just some of many Pomeranian puppy referrals from former customers:

Dear Eva,

Just wanted to send you a little note about Adele.  She is the most adorable little dog!  Even my husband, who was not too interested when he
came to your house, is absolutely smitten with her.  He drove 130 miles round trip from Brooksville to Lakeland to pick her up last Wednesday
night because I was going out of town for a conference.  It was his idea!  We even call her Lilykens, which stands fo Ken's Lily.  Last night we
took her to Lake Mirror for an outdoor event called Music on the Lake.  I carry her in a little pouch and I could not believe all the attention she
received.  She must have met 100 new people and she loved it!  My advice for anyone who is depressed or lonely is to buy one of Eva's puppies
and attend an outdoor public event!  My husband and I were amazed.  I also take her to a nursing home and the old people sitting in the hallways
just light up like Christmas trees when they see her!

Eva, you raise incredible puppies and I just want you to know how far reaching the happiness is that your puppies bestow on others!

Bea Jennings-Eddy

P.S.  Thank you for returning my phone call.

Hi Eva,  

I don't know if you remember me, But I adopted one of your puppies, Raven, born on Jan, 14, 2008.
I thought you might like to see a picture of her at 15 months.  She is a sweetheart.

Ginny Severance


Well, the long awaited arrival of our precious little ones has finally come.  Meet them in person - 10 weeks old and bundles of joy.  Sophie is the
orange gal and Tucker is the silver dude (he may be cream when he grow up).
Not getting much sleep but it's worth it and when they nap I nap.

Yvonne Eubanks


I got my little Parti Female from you in fall of 2007 and she is so amazing and gorgeous.  So happy with her;  Wanted to know when you would
have pictures of the new parti pups?  Was thinking of getting another little teacup parti..  Bella's dad was Toby.
Thank you,
Pam Gordon
Attached is a picture of Bella

Hi Eva,

This morning at 07:30 local time we left our house to go to the airport in Amsterdam, where we arrived at 10:00.
We were very curious and when they showed us Ziggi……what is she cute!!!  She is so beautifull!
After we have driven home, Ziggi had to make contact with the other dogs. No problems at all!
The other dogs are very interested in this lovely lady! Especially our German Spitz is walking around Ziggi.
Every two hours we give her some food you taped at the crate. She seems very tired of the long trip (jetleg??) and is sleeping at this moment.
We are very satisfied with Ziggi.
We enclosed some pics w’ve taken after she arrived. We keep in touch!!

Thank you and best regards,
Rien and Lenie


Subject:  sissy garland born 1-4-04 to princess munchkin pooh

hi you may remember her mom was princess munchkin pooh.
sissy akc name is princess sissy pooh

we moved from florida to Ohio about 2 yrs.
she is the love of my life , a wonderful lil gal.

we volunteer with rescue dogs now, we are fostering a jack russell terrier.,
pretty nice lil guy

pix attached,



Hi Eva!  Just wanted to give you an update on Kush.  We are doing greaaat!  :)  She is pretty much potty trained already and sits on command.  
Shes soooo smart.  She has a huge biting problem that Im working on right now  but other than that, she is an angel.  She comes to the office
with me everyday and never makes a peep.  And everyone just loves her to death.  :)  Thankyou so much for her.  She brings me joy everyday. :)




I purchased “Sweet Pea” last week and just in case you were wondering her name is Bella and she is doing incredibly well.  She is so playful
and loves me more than my husband so he gets a little jealous because he thinks she is so adorable and wants all her love.  We are so happy
and proud of her! Thank you so much for allowing us to take her home! Everyone in our family has come over to meet her and they are all in love
her.  We refer to her as our daughter and our parents as their granddaughter since we do not have any children of our own yet.  She is GREAT
with my nephew who is 4 and he is good with her as well since he has been raised with a Pom himself.   

Thanks again and do not hesitate to add us to your list of references.



Hi Eva!  Just keepin in touch. :)  Kushie is doing great. I love her so much.  She starts Puppy classes on Tuesday and Im really excited.  Shes
having a little bit of trouble socializing with other dogs bc she just gets so excited and jumps in their faces.  Im excited for her classes so shell be
around puppies her own age and learn good manners.  She got her 16 week shots and goes for her Rabies this week.  She is the sweetest thing
ever.  Here are a few pics of her and her new life :)


Hi Eva,

I know it's been a while but I thought I would send you some newer
pictures of Belle. She got her hair cut for the summer and I was
not happy with it being short even though it was good for her for
the summer heat, but now she is back to being poofy and gorgeous.
She is doing wonderfully, she's the happiest puppy in the world. I
have been home for the summer and my family has grown so attached
to her, even my dad who never wanted/liked dogs. I go back to
school in a few weeks and Belle and I are moving into our new
apartment in Gainesville, so I'm pretty excited. I hope all is
well with you! My mom is still on the search to find an Ewokian
puppy, even though she says she only wants Belle =)

Take care,

Hi Eva,

I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know how Teddy is
doing. He has been amazing from day 1. He got his 3rd shot already and
he is scheduled to get his rabies next month. Teddy weighs 3 pounds
now. He has a facebook page if you want to see pictures of him. Thanks
again for all your help.


Kash & Ali

Hi Eva

I am not sure if you remember me or not, but nearly 5 years ago I purchased 2 adult poms from you... Fritz (tri color) and Lily
(black and white).  Since that time, they have moved cross country to WA state and back again to Florida.  We are all currently
residing in Bartow, not very far from you!

I sent a pic of Fritz and Lily, plus the orange one, Fluffy, that I already owned before I got the other 2.  They are the best little
companions in the world and I have become exceptionally fond of Fritz (he is a charmer).  The two adults that you sold me are
wonderful.  I am not sure if you remember of not but I am also a veterinarian.  

If you ever need a reference please feel free to use me. I can definitely vouch for the greatness of buying an adult dog.  Both
were extremely quick learners and very affectionate once they settled in.  And feel free to post this pic on your website if you like.  
Hope all is well with you.
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