Pomeranian Puppy Uglies

Pomeranian puppies start out life as a little fur ball until the age of 3-4 months when they start
to go through the “puppy uglies”.
This means your puppy is also starting to loose his puppy coat as the adult coat slowly starts
to come through. As the baby coat begins to transition over to adult coat, your puppy will look
rather scruffy and gangly. Depending on the puppy, he will begin to coat up and his features
soften again at 6-9 months.
After this, the Pomeranian coat will mature over the next 2 years meaning that each time the
undercoat “blows” (in males once a year and females twice a year or after each heat cycle) the
new coat will come out thicker and often longer.
This can be reduced in females to once a year like male Pomeranians if you have your female
Pomeranian spayed.
Either way, do not be concerned when your puppy goes through this first year stage of the
“puppy uglies” as he will look like his parents when his coat is matured.