What is the best dog food for my dog and information on Pomeranian dog food?

I use Nutri Source small/medium breed dry puppy and adult food.

Not all pet food is made equally.  A lot of it is full of by-products, dyes, unhealthy preservatives,
filler grains, etc.  A lot of pet food companies are perfectly happy to the dump cheap leftovers
and ingredients that aren't safe for human consumption
into dog foods.

Although the high quality foods are more expensive, you're getting what you're paying for. Less
filler material and higher quality ingredients means more concentrated nutrients... this means
you typically need to feed less of the high quality food than you would of the low quality food.
Which also means less poop!

Low quality grains, like wheat can be a cause to food allergies in our pets. Your pet will live a
longer, healthier life if you offer a better quality food!
Some other ingredients to avoid are Corn Distillers, Dried Grains With Solubles, Corn Germ
Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, corn syrup, meat by-products and Soybean Meal.

Examples of high quality foods to look for:
Nutri Source, Innova, California Natural, Wellness, Solid Gold, Canidae All Life Stages, Fromm
Four Star, Merrick, GO Natural, Nature's Variety Prairie, Nature's Logic, Artemis Fresh Mix,
Timberwolf Organics, Wolf King,Blue Wilderness, Nature's Variety Instinct, Orijen, Horizon
Legacy, Canidae  All Life Stages, Fromm Surf & Turf, Now!, Sold Gold Barking At The Moon,
Ziwipeak, Taste of the Wild.

Vet recommended dog foods:
Many of you may say that your vet recommended a certain food.  Most veterinarians acquire
their only knowledge on pet nutrition in elective classes in veterinary school. These classes  
are often taught by representatives from pet food companies. Hill's, lams, and Purina are the
largest contributors for these courses.   In addition, Your vet profits from the companies for
pushing these products at their clinics.

Other good dog foods that can be found in common pet stores:
PETSMART carries Blue Buffalo products, Blue Wilderness, Nutro Ultra.
PETCO carries Wellness, Solid Gold, Natural Balance, Eagle Pack Holistic Select,
Earthbornholistic, Blue Buffalo, Castor & Pollux Organix, Pinnacle, and Halo.
COSTCO carries Kirkland dog food made by Diamond.
Local FEED stores often carry  Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul and Canidae All Life