Grooming A Pomeranian

I recommend grooming your Pomeranian by bathing him or her with a mild or tear free puppy
shampoo once a month, no more than once a week to prevent the oils on his or her skin from
being removed excessively.
A Pom is easy to groom and only needs brushing every few days or once a week. Use a pin
brush or rolling comb for long hair and a small slicker for behind the ears. Brush in sections,
against the grain (from tail to head) so that the coat will not lay flat. To avoid mats, brush all the
way to the skin carefully removing all loose undercoat.
To avoid “kling-ons” trim hair around the anus.

Clip nails once a month. Clip carefully to avoid cutting the quick.

Clean ears with Q-tips gently and use as many as you need to clean dirt and ear wax out
making sure not to go too deep.