In order to hold a puppy, I require a non-refundable $400.00 deposit, unless other
wise agreed upon; either in cash, check or through Paypal, plus the 3% Paypal fee.

This means, I will remove your puppy from the availability page and your puppy will no
longer be offered to anyone else.  
The deposit is transferable once to any other
available puppy should you decide to
switch puppies before your puppy is 6 weeks old.  
The balance is due when your puppy is either 7 weeks old before shipping or at 8
weeks when puppy is picked up at my home.  
I do not accept checks at pick up, only cash or Paypal, plus the 3% Paypal fee.
Paypal accepts all credit and debit cards.

You can follow the Paypal button below or on my home page for a deposit or the full
payment as required and discussed between us.

Please remember to add the 3% Paypal fee that I am charged.

In the rare case that your puppy displays any sign of illness or a life threatening
genetic defect during your puppies physical examination by my vet and before pick up,
your deposit will be transferred to the next available puppy of your choice.
You will always receive a receipt from and from my email acknowledging
that you have made a payment to me for a puppy!


If you would like one of my beautiful puppies and need some time to pay for a puppy,
you can go on my layaway plan.
This means, you can  either put a deposit on a newborn available puppy and pay it off
over several weeks until it is ready for pick up or you can start paying off on a puppy
for several months and 2 months before you will have paid for a puppy in full can pick
one from a new litter.

miniature pomeranian puppies for sale in florida, they are also called mini
pomeranians or micro pomeranian